Built on a higher vantage point, Valencia’s condominiums are gifted with stunning forest and sea views. With low density concept of only four units per floor, every resident enjoys quiet serene ambience, enhanced with a spacious balcony. Units are designed with a square layout to maximize space and functionality. Plus, perfect privacy is achieved with its dual key concept, where the maid’s entry/ exit is separated from the owner’s.



  • 8th floor – 13th floor
  • 24 units
  • Buit-up Area: 2,110 sq.ft
  • 2 car park spaces


  • 14th floor – 22nd floor
  • 36 units
  • Built-up Area: 2,670 sq.ft
  • 3 car park spaces
2 passenger lifts & 1 loading lift
Car park from 1st to 5th floor
Facilities on 6th floor & rooftop
3 en-suite rooms & 1 maid’s room
Wet & dry kitchens
Dual key concept
Every unit includes a balcony
Units features 11-foot floor to floor height

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